What the Water Gave Me – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


We can’t escape it. Life is brimming with heartbreaks, hardships, grief and tear-filled days. Frida Kahlo had every reason to drown her sorrows. As a child, she suffered from polio which caused her to limp. As a teenager, she was involved in a bus accident, impaled by a steel handrail which nearly killed her. The disaster left her with multiple spinal fractures, a shattered pelvis, fractured ribs, and collarbone. They confined her to a full body cast for three months. Yet this is when she obtained a paintbrush, canvas, and paints and began creating magnificent art.

Her story reinforces the belief that deepest sorrows are counterbalanced by pinnacles of joy. To experience those amazing feelings, we must allow the bastards to swim free. We should just let them go. While it may be easier said than done, releasing them can provide the inspiration to construct poignant beauty.

What emotions do you need to release?

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