Thru Violet's Lentz

When I was but twelve, I wanted to be
the most beautiful girl you ever did see.
with shining gold hair, pure alabaster skin,
I was vain to a fault, tho’ I knew it a sin.

At my mirror I’d sit, I’d primp and I’d preen,
with my dishwater hair, and eyes muted green.
I’d pose and I’d pucker, I’d smile and I’d gloat,
“Someday above all of these peasants I’ll float!”

I’d call down from my perch, in a old gnarled tree
“Spellbound by my beauty, is what you will be!!”
At the time I was young, and was not yet aware,
that the spirits that be, were indeed everywhere..

I was yet to surmise, and would never have known,
that the gnarled old tree that I thought was my throne,
was an old soul indeed, and quite wizened with age,
who I came to find out, was called…

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