Inspiration Station: Song Of The Week

Devoted and Divorced

This week, I would like to share with you a song that I think has the power to really fire you up and empower you. It’s an oldie but has become a real favourite of mine lately.

It’s ‘Dreams’ by Van Halen and it’s quite the 80’s rock classic. The powerful song lyrics could easily be lost amongst the infectious synth, the foot tapping beat and the roaring guitars that I defy you not to want to air guitar to, ‘Bill & Ted’ style. The lyrics themselves though are really inspirational.

This song is all about overcoming struggles and reaching for our dreams. It acknowledges the tears we may cry, the times we feel we want to run away and the times when we feel empty.

After everything that has happened this past year, the lyrics speak to me so much. It acknowledges our broken dreams or obstacles to our dreams…

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