The difference between no and maybe

flashlight batteries - Ali Grimshaw


NO is a stop sign, end of the sentence
can knock your feet out from under you.
a completion, the final door bolted loudly.

MAYBE is a pause for creativity, a moment of
iridescent bubble hanging in the air
an opening to where all grows wild and free.

Either are available, both are useful
but one leaves you to face a single direction
while the other is a garden where roads are
not needed. You walk without a line to follow.

© Ali Grimshaw 2019

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Beyond the Darkened Door

Charmed Chaos

Beyond the darkened door, my heart waits for me
in the fragrant garden, watching butterflies floating free

Early morning mist hangs heavy, resisting the apricot dawn
as I walk the time worn path through the verdant lawn

Birds are singing in soft swaying trees, sweetest of melodies
Tranquility and peace reign here, creating forever memories

And these are all the worldly riches and precious treasures
I will ever need, savoring and enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo Thursday Photo Prompt: Transition

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What the Water Gave Me – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


We can’t escape it. Life is brimming with heartbreaks, hardships, grief and tear-filled days. Frida Kahlo had every reason to drown her sorrows. As a child, she suffered from polio which caused her to limp. As a teenager, she was involved in a bus accident, impaled by a steel handrail which nearly killed her. The disaster left her with multiple spinal fractures, a shattered pelvis, fractured ribs, and collarbone. They confined her to a full body cast for three months. Yet this is when she obtained a paintbrush, canvas, and paints and began creating magnificent art.

Her story reinforces the belief that deepest sorrows are counterbalanced by pinnacles of joy. To experience those amazing feelings, we must allow the bastards to swim free. We should just let them go. While it may be easier said than done, releasing them can provide the inspiration to construct poignant beauty.

What emotions do you need to release?

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Ode to an unpleasant memory

Keep it alive

Something fuzzy surroundsmy memory of you

It makes the whole episode seem so surreal and

I might be putting my sanity in jeopardy when I try

To recall those unpleasant details of our relationship

I would rather erase all of my recollections of past

Rather than relive those moments once again and again

In response to the following prompts;

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Thru Violet's Lentz

When I was but twelve, I wanted to be
the most beautiful girl you ever did see.
with shining gold hair, pure alabaster skin,
I was vain to a fault, tho’ I knew it a sin.

At my mirror I’d sit, I’d primp and I’d preen,
with my dishwater hair, and eyes muted green.
I’d pose and I’d pucker, I’d smile and I’d gloat,
“Someday above all of these peasants I’ll float!”

I’d call down from my perch, in a old gnarled tree
“Spellbound by my beauty, is what you will be!!”
At the time I was young, and was not yet aware,
that the spirits that be, were indeed everywhere..

I was yet to surmise, and would never have known,
that the gnarled old tree that I thought was my throne,
was an old soul indeed, and quite wizened with age,
who I came to find out, was called…

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