Why I Write

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I write,
for my thoughts to be around,
lingering in people’s mind
long after I am gone,
and my scripts,
lost under the dust
of some forgotten tome,
for someone to discover,
those raw emotions,
vivid in front of their eyes
even when years have passed by

I write,
with the hope that
after my departure from this world
my verses will be cherished,
maybe it will inspire a few,
or it will leave someone
with a thought to ponder or two

I write,
with the hope my words
maybe sometime in the future
will be read by some terrestrial beings
to understand how perplex humans emotions are
and despite all the mayhem around
how the vibrant soul never gives up

I write
for I want imaginations to leap,
liberating the mind
and igniting views from deep within,
I write for awareness

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