My body, my choice

Hridya Khatri

A few men deciding what we should do with our bodies,

But hasn’t it always been like that ladies?

In school, the shame that comes with blood stain,

The immodesty of breast-feeding your baby on the train.

You want a baby boy,

But not getting one is your fault.

The narrower waists and broad hips,

Orgasms you fake for their sake.

The 9pm curfews,

All the body shame, revert a few.

The virginity tests you fail,

On the first night of marriage.

The fertility tests you fail,

After another miscarriage.

The ease with which they violate your body,

The shame, the child is all yours to carry.

The rules and the dictates,

A 16 year listens and follows, teary words swallowed.

Contrary are many

This is the greatest of any

They say, “Women, raise your voice”

But noisy news rejoice

But who are they to decide our fate?

There is…

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