Reality Check: This Is About You Now

Devoted and Divorced

This is about you now. A single statement that I found so hard to hear at the beginning of this nightmare.

It was a sentence that I seemed to read on so many blogs, support forums and advice columns. It was something that I heard from so many loved ones and friends. I heard these words being said so many times, but to be honest, at the time, I wasn’t really listening.

In the beginning this sentence just didn’t sit well with me, in fact it really unsettled me. I was so focussed on my husband and getting him back, on dissecting what had happened and unravelling the truth of his infidelity. The idea of focusing on myself went against the grain of everything my instincts were telling me.

In my mind, this was all a huge mistake. I just needed to focus on him, not on me. It was…

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