Bitter Taste Of Anxiety

Heartstring Eulogies

“I feel as though I’ve forgotten
something I cannot place.
Something that nags at my insides.”

Here I am. Faced with another moment of indecision. Another bout of insomnia mixed with the bitter taste of anxiety. It’s one of those moments where I feel as though I’ve forgotten something. Something important that I cannot place. Something nagging at my insides, telling me, “Now. It must be now.” So I do the only thing I can. Count the taps of my fingers as my mind jumps from one thought to the next, waiting for the moment I realize what I must do. But as the hours stretch on and the sun passes the horizon and reaches the top of the sky, I’m still stuck in the same pattern of unknowing. And as my eyes at last grow heavy, I’m still left wondering what it was I forgot.

© Sarah Doughty


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