Dance for ‘You’

Enigmas Thoughts

I use to dance
for You.
They called it sin,
filthy debauchery
but everything that I do is
for You….

You were in the dance.
Slow undulations, eyes closed,
hypnotic movements around the pole.

I always danced to songs
that went on for way too long.
Metal rod embracing,
the rush from the slide
again and again
ascend, descend
Will this song ever end?
Let it play.
Let fatigue overwhelm my limbs.
Then let them see
how hard I’ve worked.
How much of myself that I’ve given.
I was driven.
My motivation
was You.

I’d touch myself, my breast, my thighs.
The dollars would fly
but I was high
on You.
The music would speak to me
and all that I could see
was You.

It is but flesh to me.
I would let them see.
Show it all.
Legs open, arched back
my aphrodisiac
You had become.


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The Cost of Staying True to Your Dreams – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


The start of another week and an opportunity to recommit to your path. It is human nature to stray, falter and fall. It is easy to listen to the naysayers, who spread doubts and question your sanity. They laugh, saying you will never reach your dreams, and they encourage you to abandon your plans, pulling you to their level. They want to discourage you because your victories highlight their failures.

The closer you move toward your success the more insistent they become. As hard as it may be, following your true direction could mean your friendship is at an end. If you are open, you will discover new friends on a similar journey. Perhaps they will share your dream, urge you forward and rejoice when you succeed.

How do you stay on your path?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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Every moment is potent

Savvy Raj

Every moment is potent
Something’s always going on
Every moment is fertile
In the hope of possibilities.

No two moments are alike
For they are vibrations
In the throes of change
Moments are meant to make life matter.

Some poignant and heartwarming
Some tough to tackle
Some funny forming a great memory.
Every moment has potential.

To shift the tides
To leave a lesson behind
The question is…
Are you truly in the moment?


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Rich Impressions

Roth Poetry


Down the street at 1033
red hibiscus flowers grow;
Climbing up the mailbox post…
Putting out blooms for a day
before wilting away.
Rich red hues in morning sunshine…
show the world that one day of beauty
is enough to remember for a lifetime!


Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse, Kim asked us to think about the many ways we us the word rich in our everyday life. We were to choose one of the definitions and write a Quadrille of 44 words.

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Summer dress

A Faded Romantic's Notebook

I see you

in a summer dress.

Thin straps on elegant shoulders. Your breasts captured sweetly. The curve of your hips caressed. Your arms and legs beautifully bare.

The hem high on your thighs.

Your hair is caught and stroked by the soft, warm breeze. Your skin is kissed by the friendly sun.

Your gorgeous eyes are shining.

Your smile is heavenly.

Yet you are shy

as the dress falls

like a cotton sea

at your feet.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Art by Vladimir Volegov

Written four years ago – but it is a time for dresses – and removing them

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