Hacks to Make It Work – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


The drone of clicks, clacks, and buzzing alerts overwhelm my senses.  Notifications demand immediate responses and distract me from my goals. This program will increase my success, upgrading to the improved app earns me not one, not two, but three bonuses. Act today, time is running out. Meanwhile, a precious commodity slips away, they divert my attention from attaining what they promise. And when I download their app or install their enhanced versions, I invest more resources learning the plug and play features.

I am not opposed to technology. I love the convenience of having information at my fingertips, and programs which save me time. Life without tech is unimaginable. But lately, the “enhancements” don’t seem to have the advertised payoff. So, I am instituting a moratorium on upgrades. If it ain’t broke, I am keeping the current version, making do with the tools I have and concentrating on accomplishing tasks that…

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