A Long History of Nearly Nothing – #MayWriting – #poetry

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

How long have I been perched here?
How much of my time has passed by?
The leaves on the trees have fallen
The birds make their way, in the sky

The road, by the house, hasn’t changed
It’s still dusty, when winds come through
Yet, that big old tree, somehow survives
But my thoughts, have now faded, of you

How silly of me to just wait, and wait
However could I do this every day?
Wasting away, the hours of my life
On someone, who has surely gone astray

As the sun sets in the distance
Twilight-covered clouds draw near
I won’t be sitting, upon this rock
I’ve made my decision, my dear

Should you make your way back to the country
You’ll find, I have better things to do
It did finally hit, and rather bluntly
I’ve had a long history of nearly nothing, with you

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