Cumulative losses

Writing With An Open Heart

Her grandfather’s fragile hands squeezed hers,
And she knew that was it.
Soon he’d be gone…
And he’d no longer ask for his favorite song.

Shortly after the loss,
Loneliness reigned over her heart,
And tugged deeply into her soul.

Her wise uncle asked her how she’s holding up.
“Hang in there.” He said,
“That’s life, we’re all in this together….And we’re all leaving one day.”

Little did she know that in less than a year,
She’d be saying goodbye to him too.

During that time,
Seeing other people moving on,
made her more lonely.

Because the people around her were growing sick of her grief.

The day her uncle passed away,
She stared numbly at the hospital’s white walls,
Not believing her eyes…

Not believing that three other family members were there.
That day as she visited her other uncle who was in intensive care.
Before she left she…

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