BrewNSpew Cafe – May 13, 2019



to be a flower

disguised blessings of the times

courageous appeal

Hello there, my coffee loving friends and anything in between. Welcome to the buzz at the BrewNSpew Cafe where there are chats and giggles. By the way, dogs and cats are welcome!

Word of the week

royalty –

1a) – royal status or power: sovereignty

1b) – a right or prerequisite of a sovereign (such as a percentage paid to the crown of gold or silver taken from mines)

2) – regal character or bearing: nobility

3a) –  persons of royal lineage

3b) – a person of royal rank; an elite class

4) – a right of jurisdiction granted to an individual or corporation by a sovereign

5a) – a share of the product or profit reserved by the grantor especially of an oil or mining lease

5b) – a payment to an author or composer for each copy of…

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