An Alien World – A Poem by Siddharth Sood

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I’m so happy and thrilled to share the poem written by my 8-year-old son, Siddharth. He wrote this as part of the poetry week in his school. Please read the poem and share your views. I will pass on your feedback to him.

The skies are purple, the sun is blue, the clouds are yellow, and the river is brown.

It’s like we’re in an alien world; everything’s the same except the color.

It’s like ultraviolet rays are approaching your eyes and you can’t believe your eyes, forget about the cartoons.

It’s like you’ve stepped into a mysterious portal in the middle of nowhere and it is impossible to arrive in the modern world; your destiny.

There might be much more than color, maybe all that’s left is to open the door.

and think you are dreaming.

–Siddharth Sood

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