Three Lines Tales week # 171- A solitary walk

Keep it alive

My morning starts with my solitary walk along the quay, each day.

It’s like a religious routine for me to inhale that salty air, hear the gulls screeching overhead and to be invigorated by the bracing breeze coming from the sea.

What the rest of the day brings, does not bother me at this point, now I am happy to be alone with my thoughts and to ponder about life and it’s many many blessings.

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Three Lines Tales week

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Welcometo Week 171 ofThree Line Tales.

photo byPhilippe Mignotvia Unsplash

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One thought on “Three Lines Tales week # 171- A solitary walk

  1. Nice thoughts and excellent picture! A morning walk is the best time to be inside the thoughts you have without needing to explain them to anyone.


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