Being Grateful

Keep it alive

It’s easier said than done. We are always hearing these words: Be mindful and be grateful. So we try to be. But what it actually means, to be grateful?

Being grateful is not a random act. It is a constant way of looking at life. It is coming out of jejuneand simplistic thinking. If something good or positive happens in our lives, we are happy. We may say that we are grateful. But being truly conscious of the blessings and positive things in our lives means that we acknowledge both their presence and their loss. If we have good health, we acknowledge it and appreciate it in a manner which would enhance this blessing, that is an example of being grateful. And if we are no longer in good health, instead of lamenting the illness that has stricken us, we have to remember to be grateful for the…

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#NaPoWriMo Day 16: Poem: “Whirlwind” #amwritingpoetry


For NaPoWriPo Day 16: Just my own poem for this day, written awhile ago.

Credit: Twinsfish via Unsplash.

There’s this whirlwind, a dervish,

Often, I cant escape it.

This sucking of air from lungs, a lack of patience;

I used to have every moment in the world:

It took forever for it to run out,

And I’m relearning this skill.

Some think they can be impatient,

Rudely shove past people, those who deserve it;

But, you can try to listen,

Even if they’re not listening or repeating —

Something you’ve heard one thousand times.

Sometimes you bite your tongue

Stop the meandering mental pathways —

Your questions; remember everyone has had a long day too.

Slide out of the tornados eye;

Through the winds blinding, and binding, confiding your sense of balance.

Dance out of the dust, mud, rain, waves, the anger;

Sometimes you breathe deep,

Turn your lips…

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