Why are computers better than husbands? (Panic, genius, and despair. Part 2) #humor #technology

Barb Taub

Lies, Damn Lies, and Things You Tell Tech Support.

In a recent post, I revealed that my beloved was having performance issues. Although still a gleaming silver fox to all outward appearances, lately there had been…failures. I’d be in the mood, but the powerful beast who once eagerly shared my dreams and passions was now taking longer to get it booted up. My needs went unmet, leaving me frustrated and unfulfilled.

I tried removing all excess distractions, making sure nothing was open that might occupy memory or constrict bandwidth. But performance continued to deteriorate until I didn’t even try to get the old guy turned on, knowing the inevitable failure would be so devastating.

The time had come, as I reported here, to seek professional advice. First we tried a phone consult with Genius-Guy James. I insisted with a straight face that I had rebooted, backed up, scanned…

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Right place right time!

Savvy Raj

At the right place at the right time…

Are places we land, reach, live and interact of our own choice and free will.

Is there a more at play beyond the random?

Isn’t there a pattern to the puzzle?

Are we meant to be where we are supposed to be?

At a particular place and time.

While every life journey in time is unique yet…

Life has an emergent pattern in the order and chaos that it self creates.

And in between, there is organisation and destruction.

Nature has its way in both order and disorder.

When in the flow of harmony there emerges a stillness in structure.

A plan, a commitment and discipline

Seems worth the effort of it all!

All is clockwork and efficient

Life seems at its optimal best.

And then things fall into a routine.

At a heightened state of equilibrium

When all is even &…

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Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


I love sitting in my writing spot, stringing words together. A laptop offers astounding flexibility, allowing me to recreate my space at coffee shops, hotel lobbies, or the front seat of my car. Still, I find myself with odd minutes of downtime, times when firing up the laptop is unwieldy or inappropriate. Technology marches forward, getting smaller and more connected. Lately, I have been turning to another ubiquitous device, my phone.

The miracle is the ability to capture those odd moments and harness the power of an otherwise wasted ten or fifteen minutes to write. Inevitably, I am without a laptop, and I no longer need to carry notebooks or worry about pens with no ink. My phone keeps me productive. It is always by my side.

What technological marvel helps with your writing practice?
Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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The Warm Crackle of the burning wood

Confab With Me

Responding to the prompt, The Warm Crackles of the burning Wood, given by Manic Sylph Mona. Mona is an amazing poet. If you haven’t visited her blog, please do so you won’t regret

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Her Gift Remains – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


dVerse Poets – Open Link Night – Journey With Me


Photo: found at birdlife.org.au a female Splendid Fairy Wren (often colloquially called Blue Wren).

Her Gift Remains

Today’s first gift
flew close by me a
flutter of wings that
I felt before I saw her,
she came alongside
hopping from shrub to shrub
just ahead of me
watching, trilling,
as if heralding,
and, at last she waited
or so it seemed,
and as I drew level
she looked at me intently
and, as it were,
I’m certain she smiled
cocked her head
as if hello
then took her leave,
yet ever present
her gift remains.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

Paul, pvcann.com

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