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I haven’t written anything for a long time. I am writing back today in honor of my father whose death anniversary we are commemorating.

My father gave me my first book, my first writing material and my first edited letter. Yes, you read it right  “edited letter”.  Whenever i was away from home back then i will write him a letter and he will send it back to me with corresponding corrections.

He gave me the best gift – the gift of words. We would play scrabble together. I never won; not that he was very competetive but simply because he wanted me to learn play up with words and hopefully win (it never happened; he was a walking dictionary). We would buy newspapers everyday only to keep up with the daily crossword puzzle challenge.

He once told me i have the gift of imagination. And he said ” write…

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Such Peace

Sarah Doughty

“I feel you in the night. In the calm.
In the the moon. These nights.
How they bring me such peace.”

How this moon calls to me these nights. How the stars twinkle with your name. How it feels brighter than the sun upon my face. Warmer with the dark blanket of those sleepy skies. I feel you in the night. In the calm. In the sounds of crickets and owls. In the howling of distant coyotes and the hooves of deer as they roam through the thicket and wood. These nights. How they bring me such peace.

© Sarah Doughty

Peace in a world
touched by chaos.

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