Poem: My love for you

Literary Yard

By: Emily Flores

Looking back I realized how badly you needed me
But I can never go back now that you’re gone
You’ve loved me more than Kanye loves Kanye
I never saw how much you wanted to cease to exist I never noticed how much time we wasted in this life
But only God knows the love that i have for you still grows

My love for you, it never fades
My love for you, it never dies

As the flower wilts slower and slower and slower
I can never say goodbye after remembering our highs
I am like a cloud lost in the sky
Searching through our memories losing touch of you and me
And I used to think that you were the one I would never lose
But my head giant, filled with jealousy
I thought I caught up to you
But I didn’t leave, even after…

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