7 Ways To Help Your Kids Embrace Kindness – By Lucy Martial

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7 Ways To Help Your Kids Embrace Kindness - By Lucy Martial

For many years, it has been thought that children are born to be altruistic.

The theory was that children quickly realize that being kind gets them what they want. They then understand the correlation between kindness and praise. Finally, they begin to recognize the signs of when others need help and enjoy the sense of reward that they get from helping.

However, a recent study by researchers at Stanford University has suggested that this may not be the case. They claim that, instead of being a natural instinct, kindness is formed by social and parental relationships.

So, where does this leave us? Whatever you believe, there is no doubt that a parent’s influence shapes their children’s attitudes. Here are seven simple things that you can do for your child to help them embrace a kinder outlook in life.

  1. Be aware of your actions

You are your child’s ultimate role…

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