The Homeless Man – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


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The Homeless Man

The homeless man had no claim on you
but you imagined it so
and resented him
for intruding your conscience
and awakening the possibility
that you might be his one
serendipitous moment,
accusing him of wanting money
you did not have, and
compassion you could not find,
without a word you judged him
while unaware
his very silence shamed you.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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davidbruehaiku: something to accept


Megha's World

“and when all the wars are over, a butterfly will still be beautiful.”
― Ruskin Bond

chandler-hilken-356880Break the cocoon and crack the shell
come out of it alive and refreshed
you need a transformation
you need an inevitable change
you need to come out of the chrysalis
so you can be colorful again

Break the cocoon and crack the shell
the claustrophobia is setting in
and you need to shift
to make some space
you don’t want to be shoved into a corner
or cordoned off in a pen
you need your emotions to be alive
you need your feelings to take flight

Break the cocoon and crack the shell
the tightness in your chest
your labored breathing
will stop your heart someday
you need to stretch your limitations
and broaden your horizons again

Break the cocoon and crack the shell
the misogyny, the patriarchy
the archaic rules
can’t keep…

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Hopeless ~ A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

Walt's Writings

When it all seems hopeless
It is
When you feel like giving up
You will
When you think you’re a loser
You are
When you feel like God has forsaken you
He hasn’t
You become what it seems
To you
You will do
What you feel like doing
You are
Whatever you think you are
But God will never forsake you
On this Easter Sunday, 2019
Be Hopeful, not Hopeless

Happy Easter from
~The Tennessee Poet~
©Walt Page 2019 All Rights Reserved

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Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


I planned a relaxing writing weekend. It didn’t go to plan. Rescheduling a contractor, friends stopping by unannounced and the conspiracy of the pleasant spring weather foiled my best intentions. Then there was the family. Their faces are pitiful, they wave cookies beneath my nose, and turn the music loud enough to shake the house.  They know how to mess with my concentration. They coax my inner child to rebel and break my resolve.

It is prudent to succumb, cave to their antics, let loose and have fun. The best part is if you play your cards correctly, they will collapse, exhausted from the activity and the effects of fresh air. Within a house echoing with the sounds of peaceful slumber, rejuvenated and awake, the writer can work into the wee hours of the night.

How do you balance weekend family time with your desire to write?


Keep on writing.

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Befriend nature.

Savvy Raj

Be a friend of the earth

Befriend nature

Identify with it

You are born of it.

Be one with it!

Care and be concerned

About what affects

The world today

For it matters

Just as much as you.

Love nature

Nourish it with nurture

Grow plants save trees

Choose green living

Choose to sustain and simplify

Support and stand for the cause

Of living with nature.

Voice your thoughts

That are pro nature.

Take a step

To protect nature

Every good deed from the heart

Makes a relevant difference.



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