Heart of Natalie 🌷 | Planet Dream Diaries

Please Come and Share This Great Post for our Dear Friend Natalie!!
RIP – Natalie

Written By Β© KLF/PlanetDreamDiaries For Natalie Please start the music above the picture before reading. Thank you. β™₯ For Beautiful & Wondrous Natalie Scarberry (My Bitty) / Sacred Touches Rest…

Source: Heart of Natalie 🌷 | Planet Dream Diaries

11 thoughts on “Heart of Natalie 🌷 | Planet Dream Diaries

  1. Hi love. How did you share my post when sharing isn’t turned on? Just curious, because it’s a setting I’ve never felt comfortable with – unable to control where you content is. I absolutely don’t mind you sharing this one – this was very special to and for Natalie herself and to and for those who loved her, so no worries, but I won’t like to know (for future knowledge) how you shared what I didn’t allow sharing on? Thanks much! Kimberly ❀

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    1. Hi, left you the answer to your question on the post that I shared on my blog!! Hope that helps. For me I look at what I post as giving my words a life of their own and whatever way gives them a bigger reach and wider influence is ok with me. Barring plagarism! Glad to know you Loved Natalie too!! I miss her. I need to start sharing her posts with followers again. I forget since I no longer get her Daily Digest alerts – She was an Angel!!!

      It’s call the press this widget

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      1. Oh how I agree. I took her “one year anniversary” post down, because it wasn’t at all what it was supposed to be. I’d been working on it for months and then the Pandemic hit and I rushed to get “something” up, but it simply didn’t do her justice, or what I was feeling – so I privatized it until I can put together something worthy of what she and that day means to me and so many others. πŸ’—

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          1. Aww Chuck, thank you – that was not only a huge compliment, but touched my heart so deeply, as I know that you know that I won’t put it up until it does Natalie justice. Thank you so very much dearheart. And, thank you for visiting my site! You don’t stop by often, it was lovely seeing you there. πŸ’œ

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    1. You are so welcome!! I’m happy you are watching over Natalie’s legacy!! I know you only want the best most of us writers are that way, aren’t we?? Yes, You are right! I guess I’m pretty tied up timewise responding to those that comment. I will try and visit more often, Dear!

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