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Writing Our Own Story

Go Dog Go Café

untold stories

In the fading light

of day

I savor the flavor

of our untold stories

those moments of

warm skin

speaking our own 

carnal bliss language

hands creating new meaning

across willing open pages

where no lines exist

lips and tongues

silently brushing strokes

of ardent need 

into naked words

that are read aloud

in moans and gasps

of pleasure

this gift

of sublime nude literature

only our bodies know

is the story

we will read 

deep into the night




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The Memoir

Confab With Me

She lived her life in blithe,
charming and cheerful,
displaying her superior self,
never impeding from her will succeed,
for she didn’t want to regret,
the day when she will
sit down and look back
to write her memoir

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

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#RomanticTuesday ~ Come Lie With Me – #freeverse #poetry

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

Come lie with me
Among the wildflowers
Fragrant with the promise
Of mornings first light

Come lie with me
As sunlight dances upon us
Under skies of blue
And faceless clouds

Come lie with me
Amidst the moonlit shadows
Gently caressing the night
A fantasy of stars
Dancing in the heavens

Come lie with me
And dream
Of yesterdays and wildflowers
Of sunlight and clouds
Of moonlight and stars
And tomorrows yet to come

©2014 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay

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I would steal the moon for you


I would steal the moon for you

My beloved, my midnight dream, my three am dancer.
We found safe haven near the sea,
small tent and sleeping bag.
We drank tequila with the bitter lemon.

We danced for the stars and the moon for the Pacific.
I told you my love,
I would steal the moon for you,
I would leave my world for a secret place.
where you and I,
can be safe and sound.

Pretty lady smiled and she whispered.
If you go away,
will you forget my face?
would you miss my voice?
Would you yearn for me?

I told her,
If I must leave you,
I would dream of your beautiful face every night,
I would wish to hear your song when the sun was bright,
I would the count the minute till I would see your beautiful face.
I would be an empty shell without…

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