Blank Paper and Pen

Come enjoy this great poem about writing poems!!

Charmed Chaos

And should I deny your existence
with your eloquent whispers
murmuring in my ear while you peer
over my shoulder, what then?
Will you with haste forsake me, leave me again?
With naught but blank paper and pen?
You are a mercurial wench about our poetry;
I am but the instrument to pen our plight.

Author’s Note:Kerry is hosting at the garden today and has asked us to write a 55 word poem about our muse. I chose to have a conversation with my muse today.

Imaginary Garden With Real Toads: Micro Poetry: I am my own Muse

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Trickery ~ #poetry #WOTD #FOWC #RDP #DWP

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

The full moon plays its devilish game

Finds fun with some nighttime flickery

Illuminates darkness, its claim to fame

Implements her tool, of magical trickery

Word of the Day – Moon
FOWC with Fandango – Trickery
Ragtag Daily Prompt – Tool
Daily Word Prompt – Implement

©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0

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April – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


dVerse Poets – Open Link Night 241 – April



Notably, April is autumn in Australia and is less visually distinct, except for the introduction of deciduous plants which change colour and shed their leaves. In contrast most eucalypts shed all year round, and the only noticeable colouring of autumn is the green grass. But in the northern hemisphere it is spring. April means, following the Latin aperire, to open. I’m going with spring for this poem.


She was more than a little shy,
slow to blossom and
reluctant to show,
she clung to the covers of winter
fearing she’d catch cold,
but one warm day she unfurled
her buds so beautiful
limbs slender yet full
her nakedness was
utterly bewitching,
but only for a moment,
what really captivated
was the way she opened
inwardly for everyone
and touched the eyes
of their hearts.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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Remember When…

Roth Poetry

EER_0297 (2)

Remember when Corvettes were small

with white-wall tires

 spinners on their wheels

and four barrel carburetors on the engines;

A time when AM was the only choice

for listening to tunes on the push button radio;

Remember when the top was down

and the homecoming queen sat on the back of the seat

waving  to everyone as it slowly rolled along

It was a time when gas was only 19.9 cents a gallon

and lead in the gas prevented engine knock;

It was a different world back then…

The year was 1958

Poster Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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Move to ease!

Savvy Raj

Move to ease and release
To let go dis-ease
Reach out with a dose of kindness

Attract harmony within
Choose to befriend the self
Sense and share positivity & goodwill

In gratitude of the good .
Know there is always light
Only you have to choose to see it.

As you step out of your own way
You will see the blessings in your life.
Choose the path of love and light.


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