Dangerous Angel

Go Dog Go Café

dangerous angelOh

the wretched guilt

for summoning

the touch

of the stranger with dark eyes

the dangerous angel

the beautiful distraction from reality


Soaking wet from first glance

I let him,

in the hands

of his dark sanctuary,

undress my conscience

leave his marks of love

upon my nakedness

tie my thoughts

with silk chains of hot restraint

burrow into my soul’s depths

pound out what needed release

strip everything from me

offering in return

more than my mind 


exactly what my body



I felt pure as sin

alive for the first time

a blooming, cryptic bud

in his wild, wicked garden of lust


This secreted story

of forbidden appetence

left me

a sinner

sated as never before

guilty of pure pleasure

damned by Satan’s sexual lure





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House of Heart

In the sweet summer

below the rusty fasteners of

an old swing I pump the air

with the  spindly legs of childhood,

dream my wide eyed dreams of whirling

pathways to the beckoning sun.

My heart leaps at the sight of a brilliant

rainbow and with small fingers I reach up

to swathe its colors over a blue palette  sky.

Now I know about life, the real truth of it.

Now I know the swing is just freedom.

little girl with freckles

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That Easel

Confab With Me

She placed the white canvas on the easel on the boulder overlooking the dilapidated house, which she once called a dwelling, trying to recreate the memories she lost in oblivion in living a feigned life

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We Learned To bend – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


Compromise – RDP Thursday


Photo: pixabay.com

“Love without sacrifice is like theft.” Nassim Nicholas Taleb

We learned To Bend

There is a oneness
that we found or,
perhaps, we made
of each other,
smoothing those edges
colouring the other,
what’s mine is yours
those worldly goods
some stayed and
some went,
we evolved together
and, on the shape
the colour,
the style or fad,
we learned to bend
more than a little
without breaking the
integrity that
held the core of us.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

Paul, pvcann.com

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Senseless – #Cinquain – #AprilWriting – #NaPoWriMo

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

This Cinquain might be disturbing to some, and I apologize for that.  But no one can justify taking the life of a child, or any human being, under any condition…


The ways of war

Ravaging innocence

Inexplicable brazenness


April Writing Prompts – Senseless and staggering – Day 18/30

©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay

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