By Charles Robert Lindholm

My mind has always played mental age roulette.
When I was young I thought I was grown up.
My parents kept wanting me to lie about my age
and say I was younger than I was.

I heard that age is just a number
and when I wanted to do adult things
I couldn’t wait to get older
so I could vote, drive and do
dubious things

Now that I’m older
My mind seems to be
playing mental age roulette
in a haphazard way

Sometimes I get a bit
dizzy or flustered
I wish I were younger
I hate to admit my age
I want do what I used to do
I want to be silly with grandkids

I hate that my birthday cake
is a fire hazard!!

Copyright Β© 2019 Charles Robert Lindholm, The Reluctant Poet – All Rights Reserved


  1. Greatly penned, dear Chuck πŸ™‚

    It seems that inside we are the same, perhaps a bit wiser over all those years, only our body is getting older, but inside aren’t we still like children: playing, joking, curious, and interested in old and new things? The distance between body age and spirit seems to grow as the body drifts away…

    All the best, my friend

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      1. Welcome, dear Chuck πŸ™‚
        In the eye of a storm everything is calm und “unmoved”, but the whirl around is the change which we are aware of in all things – even our mind seems to belong to it – as our mind is subject to change as well (can get angry, happy, emotional, adopts the whole spectrum of different colours of feelings and emotions) – so I guess that this “eye of the storm” is our soul that is unmoved, eternal, an observer of everything around what is changing, moving.

        When two trains run side by side the people inside are not aware that we are moving, both trains seem to have stillstand – and so it is with our outside world, including our body as it has the same speed, we do not notice (in the very moment) that we are moving, getting older, having a change…

        These are just some spontanious thoughts that came up according to this subject.

        Have a great time, my friend

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