Writing Takes a Second Wind

Steps In Between

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Sometimes I come home from a long day at work d-r-a-g-g-i-n-g. I crawl up to my writing desk and pray for a spark of motivation to do my writing. But on other work days, just as long and grueling, I somehow catch a second wind. Those days take me by surprise, and always I am fortunate to accept and appreciate them.

The commonality between both examples above? I put myself in my chair at my writing desk. I must sit in the place I do my best work, then let my creativity flow. Sometimes I’m a sailboat adrift at sea with no breeze in sight. If I’m tired or hungry or cranky, I don’t wait long for inspiration. But sometimes the rush pulls me in as soon as I sit down and turn on my computer. My fingers pause on home-row for only seconds before flying. And this is…

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