Versatile Blogger Award

Congratulations and thanks so much for sharing with us!!!!

House of Heart

First of all I want to thank Watt at for including me in his  nominations for the “Versatile Blogger Award”.   Most have read his blog and know how incredible his writing is.  Thank you so much Watt.

Per the rules I am to expose… tell you some things about myself that you may not know or care to.  Here goes:

My past times,  other than writing are:  painting,  swimming,  snorkeling, diving in the Florida Keys,  traveling,.

  1. My most adored poets are  Goethe, Rilke,  Langston Hughes, Pablo Neruda,  Dylan Thomas,  Anne Sexton and too many others to mention here.
  2. I love most genres of music,  contemporary, R & B, jazz, classical.  I am not a fan of heavy metal.
  3. I don’t have any vices that I can mention here.
  4. I work in the medical profession.
  5. I support the Susan G. Komen Foundation.
  6. I tend to be political…but not today.


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