Deep in the Verdant Wildwood

Charmed Chaos

He is the river swimmer, sleek as a brown river otter
plunging into the depths of cold murky waters,
he sits with patience waiting,
on the sandy pebbled shore
in quivering evening light.
Sparkling magic flashes from afar
deep in the verdant wildwood.
She, the elusive nymph comes for
she is the woman lit by fireflies
a tearful moonlight rendezvous
and together they roam
where their hearts belong
here, where the wild things are until
a watercolor dawn spills over the horizon
when he will return to the heart of the cold river
And she to the waiting arms of the dark forest.

Author’s Note:
Today at the garden, Magaly has asked us to write a poem that includes three book titles. The three book titles I chose are:

  • The River Swimmer by Jim Harrison
  • The Woman Lit By Fireflies by Jim Harrison
  • Where The Wild Things Are

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