BrewNSpew Cafe – April 8, 2019

Eugi's Causerie I

chasing fantasies

amusing games of hide and seek

a make-believe world

Welcome, my coffee loving friends and anything in between. I’m delighted to see you here at the BrewNSpew Cafe where the laughter is contagious. By the way, rumor has it fake news is fake.

Word of the week –

pretend (verb) – speak and act so as to make it appear that something is the case when in fact it is not. Lay claim to (a quality or title).

Synonyms – profess, affect, pose, posture, dissemble

pretend – (adjective) – not really what it is represented as being; used in a game or deception.

Synonyms – imaginary, imagined, pretended, make-believe, made-up, fantasy

“We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.” 
― Kurt Vonnegut, Mother Night

peering through the window pane
I see a stately and glorious tree

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