Fix You – Napowrimo Day 11


I will wait for you
On the other side
Until you no longer want to hide 
From this ache that burns your insides
In flames 

I will offer you 
my hand to hold
So you don’t feel so cold
After you feel you have sold
Your heart away

I will wait for you 
until you open the door
Like I have many times before
To hug you close and say…
Even if you think the world moved on
And you feel you will never see the sun
You will be okay, perhaps not today,
Maybe not tomorrow but someday…
And until then, I will be right here 
To help you, fix you.

poetry nad image copyright neha 2019

Napowrimo Day 11

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The Lonely Road ~ A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

Walt's Writings

I would walk the high wire
To get her sweet kisses

Kisses as sweet as a fine aged wine
And that burn like rum on an October bonfire
I hear her whispers
Or are they only a drunken poet’s dream?
She makes me feel like feathers in the wind
This heart of mine is filled
With the spirit of the wild
Ever changing, ever aching
Ever hungering, ever wanting
This yearning inside consumes me
I kneel to pray
In the Church Of The Midnight Moon
But there is no answer
So I walk this lonely road
To the music of my midnight blues

~The Tennessee Poet~
©Walt Page 2019 All Rights Reserved

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Vodka Swirled with Ice

Midwest Fantasy Writes

vodkaShe tried to feel him

in the vodka swirled with ice

the lose yourself kind of high

he gave her with tongue filled kisses

the weak in knees let it all go

he gave her with lust craved hands

the catch your breath point of no return

he gave her with thrusting force

And feel she did

in a mind swirled with him



April 2019


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Black & White 1

Savvy Raj


A superimposition
Of the colours of life
A definition of density
A notion of authority
Of fear and formality

Deemed to be elegant
And ultimate sophistication
Yet powerful and reserved
Sometimes it denotes danger
It is an absence of colour
Yet gives depth to all colours.

Black is known to hide the obvious
An achromatic colour without hues
Known to absorb than let go.
Its deep dark and mysterious
Can be restrictive and restraining.

Often not just worn for style
It protects from interference. Perhaps it helps to retreat behind black
When facing a tough time in life
Life a personal crisis or illness.

It then becomes an anchor
In support that gives time
To heal as it protects with its opaqueness
And helps bridge through
The deepest insecurities.

Stark truth reveals
The darkest of dark
Unseen matters of energy
Exists in understanding
The yet unknown.

For every presence

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