Tempting Peace

Charmed Chaos

Olive Tree at Sunset Mesa,AZ

Some temptations are grand, a new car or furs or jewels
Diamonds glittering on every hand and fingers with perfect manicures.

And though these things are fine for some, they are not for me
for I am an humble woman with simple life goal plans
I want packets bursting with seeds, roses, and an olive tree.

In the fertile dirt as fat earthworms wriggle away
I’ll plant each tiny hope of life with my weathered hands
Watering them with love, searching for tender sprouts every day.

For here in the garden thrives sweet solitude and peace
listening to the wild things grow, my wandering soul is at rest
I watch playful lizards skittering and all my worries cease
as the shadows lengthen when the sun drops in the painted west
It’s in these rare precious moments I am indeed blessed.

Author’s Note:This is a…

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