What would you teach the child of tommorow?

Savvy Raj

What would you teach the child of tommorow?

Teach tommorows child
To co exist and co habit
To know that none can be an island for too long
Teach ability to adapt and not just tolerance
Teach them how to cope with lifes changes

Teach them gratitude and thankfulness
Teach them to maintain dignity of being
That life is to be valued and respected
Teach them value of empathy and love
Teach them compassion and kindness as a way of life.

Teach them humility is not demeaning
Teach them honour and integrity
Teach them resource management and
Teach them to share & sustain the world.

Teach them the art of self management
The world is increasingly self absorbed
Teach them manners to be social and civil.
For beyond the gadgets and convenience of modern living that help us thrive
There is a human out there who needs to survive.


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