No – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


For Them That Be Wild Things – Cafe Philos Poetry Prompt

This prompt began recently at Cafe Philos – Paul Sunstone’s Blog, have a look please.


The defiance of August Landmesser who refused to give the salute at a Nazi rally at his work place.

“Civil disobedience is not the problem, our problem is obedience.”  Howard Zinn


The dogmatics
that straight lines are the only way
is mere moralism
that suffocates
a humanity
content to be obedient
to the subjectivity
of those who laugh over us
in waves of contempt,
marching under the flag
devoid of anything
other than self-indulgence
and the murder of minds
for better worlds
that are still-born
of wombs imprisoned
inside tiny thoughts.
But to stand,
to stick it to the dogma man
is to
walk to Dandi for a lick of salt,
be chained to railings for a vote,
to ride a bus and…

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