To Love a Woman

Charmed Chaos

To love a woman you must find the path to her mysterious parts
Untangle the gnarled and twisted vines that lead to her wanton soul
Bathe in her moon’s light to ignite fiery flames in her heart
For a woman only wants love that is brave, honest and whole

To keep a woman you must travel into worlds unknown
Tread with lightness through her perplexing mystic land
Though at times, her heart seems made of granite stone
All a woman ever wants is for you to take her tender hand

And if by chance you unravel her colorful mystical threads
Her heart will always be open for you have found a home
This welcome place of respite where you can lay your head
Amongst her lavender essence and sweetest rose’s bloom.

Imaginary Garden With Real Toads: April Come She Will

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