Braid- In the honor of National Poetry Month #NaPoWriMo

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Braiding my





gently and smoothly

in a clockwork motion

never to step out of the sync

like an assembly line worker

making sure

not to miss a plait

or to let a single hair fall out of line

and blotch the beauty

I’m weaving

so sublime

it will come out

to be



a work of art, so divine

that discipline

of listening

intently  to the




taking birth

slowly and deeply

so each one is heard

and no one feels lonely

I’m nearing the end

of braiding a beautiful poem

beautiful enough

to crown

a poetic heart.


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Do Not Fret

Sarah Doughty

“You aren’t lost, darling. One day you will
be found when you least expect it.”

It was the day the lightning flashed across the sky, reveiling the branches, twists and turns as it reached out. As if it was in search of something. Or someone. And as my eyes traveled over it, I felt a sense of loss. That moment when you reached out as far as possible, but nothing was there to touch you back. Those are the loneliest moments. Those are the moments when you feel the ache of knowing you might never know the sensation and rush of emotions of finding that one thing you seek out the most. But what hurts more is that no matter how many times you have the chance to reach out, you will do it, despite knowing the end has come and gone.

But do not fret. One day something else…

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