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Finally free


Though I can’t recall

the cause of our fight

the scorn,

yes, the scorn in his eyes

is still imprinted on my soul

that instant,

something died inside of me

and never went away

we both closed that chapter

to move on but

I couldn’t really move on

so one day I sat down

with his letters that I believed

were so precious for me

those verses he wrote for me

they were weighing me down


I buried a few in the backyard

a foot under and then

stomped on them to my heart’s content

I burnt some to cinders

watching the smoke curl

into nothingness

made boats of others

and consigned them

to the little stream

behind the school

watching them sink after a while,

the rest I made into kites

and as they soared in the sky

to disappear into oblivion

I finally felt free.

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