My Desert

Charmed Chaos

I often get odd questions by others who don’t understand,
how can you live in the desert where the temperatures climb
Isn’t it only rattlesnakes and cactus, a dry barren wasteland?
but for me the arid heat stirs my blood, is incredibly sublime

The vast cerulean skies are the bluest of blues
and the hues of the landscape are in my tanning skin
this sprawling terrain on my soul is forever tattooed
to leave it now and go would be a mortal sin

I breathe in the monsoons racing across the land
I hear the boom of storm crackling thunder
I see the fingers of lightning like God’s hand
tearing the turbulent dusty skies asunder

I drink the cool water to ease my soul’s thirst
but no sooner have I swallowed, I long for more
Loving a land so much my heart could burst
my life is now here in…

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