I See You

The Light Behind the Story

girl-2696947_640 The Face is the Canvas of the Soul. Image Credit: Pixabay

What does it mean to look at another and see that person? Not as a mirror of what we want to see, but of what is simply reflected back to us? Some of us make it a practice of reading faces, knowing that the truth is often hidden from us through words and other actions. We search past the lie to read the nuances of the face that might offer the tell-tale twitch of discomfort. Or, maybe we read to know. To really know who the other is.

I grew up reading faces. I think I learned to read faces before I started reading books. It’s likely we all did, as babies are masters of the craft. During my own turbulent childhood, the craft of reading faces became a method of survival. I knew in an instant if I…

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