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Jo Hawk


While I struggled this week to find my desk and complete my daily writing assignment, my muse did not remain silent. In fact, she was like Coben’s muse, annoying, exasperating, and irksome. I wrote on the back of receipts, on my phone and tried to remember her great ideas as I drove in rush hour traffic.  When I found a pocket of time to write, I nearly screamed when someone interrupted me.

I believe my muse has become accustomed to my daily writing sessions. She was not amused when I skipped our appointed time. I did my best to appease her, to show her I still care. She badgered me. I promised her an uninterrupted writing session this weekend. She pouted. Hopefully, when I sit to write as promised, she will not be mute.

How do you tame your muse?

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