Reality Check: Divorce Hall Of Mirrors

Devoted and Divorced

As much as I try to resist looking at the old photos and videos taken through my marriage, sometimes I just get this urge to look at them again. I feel the need to try and recapture, in my mind, the feelings I had and the life I led before this nightmare began. 

A few days ago, I watched a video that I had really been avoiding. The video was taken during the Christmas before everything happened. In the video I am walking around my home filming what was, for me, such a special Christmas moment. It was snowing outside and inside the house was glowing with fairy lights and candles, Christmas music gently echoing through the home. In the video I am laughing with my husband as I attempt to get him on film. 

My home, my husband, my life.

Watching it, I am transported back to…

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