#Thoughts of You…

Anita Dawes & Jaye Marie ~ Authors

nature-3344410__340.jpg Image by Pixabay.com

Thoughts of You

My memory of you is fading yet love is remembered

I wait, hoping to find your like again.

You told me they broke the mold. “There will be no more like me.”

So far, you are right.

I have been asked out a few times

they are pale ghosts,  they don’t wear your smile

the way your eyes danced when you looked at me

as if standing under a mirror ball reflecting your light.

Your scent remembered, one of the most expensive perfumes

Always bought for me each Christmas.

How you ended up wearing it after we cuddled

Making you a part of me as you walked through your day.

Apart, yet the same. My perfume picked up by a breeze as you passed.

How can I make do with half of what once was my life…


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