When I Try To Love You

Frank Solanki

I must admit that I was warned

I never thought love would leave me scorned

I only feel I’m getting closer

The more I try to run away from her

My innocent heart

And soul’s torn apart

Every way points right back to the start

When I try to love you

All my hopes come tumbling down

When I want to see you

I scream your name all over town

I get hurt

There’s nothing but

I want to place above you

Every night

I have to fight

When I try to love you

When I try to love you

I tell myself it’s just another morn’

Just another time to feel so forlorn

No distraction is working at all

The more that I fly, the deeper I fall

My innocent soul

Is hard to console

How much longer would I keep digging this hole?

When I…

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