I Was Robbed!

Ohhhh My God, Dee! I can’t tell you how you put my heart racing at 100 mph!! I’m sure it’s just me because I was exposed to a spree of abducting girls from parking lots way back when in the Sacramento area. They all turned up dead. I’m happy that you didn’t lose any money and were not hurt. Please don’t ever approach your car with a van parked next to you. This is a favorite ploy to abduct women. Not meant to scare you but want to keep you and yours safe!! I guess I’ll be worrying about you jogging on the trail. A treadmill at the gym???

You can chalk this post as a mystery thriller for me!! I’m going to have to do some deep breathing. So thankful you are ok!!!!!!

Thriving Not Surviving

As I drove into the park I checked the time on the clock. It was 9:36. I was later than I’d planned – by 6 minutes – because I’d stopped for gas on my way. Did the time matter? No, that’s just how I am sometimes. I had hoped to be home by 10:30 but that seemed unlikely. I wanted to run and wasn’t sure how far I’d make it.

Was it more important to be home early or run further? I hadn’t decided yet.

As I pulled into the lot at the back of the park, I mentally debated which spot to take. I pulled into one in front of the bathroom, just to the left of the walkway. Why did I put so much thought into which spot to take? The parking lot only had a few cars in it so it didn’t matter. I was going running…

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