The Only Words ~ A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

Walt's Writings

The only words that matter
Are the words left unsaid
Words that could change the outcome
But are unsaid, never to be heard
Never to be written
Never to be seen
We all have our plans
But life has its plans too
Changes come and go
And we remain silent
Not saying them
Not writing them
The only words that matter
Are the words we leave unsaid

~The Tennessee Poet~
©Walt Page 2019 All Rights Reserved

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On healing

Savvy Raj

Allow the self to heal

Life challenges, teaches and evolves in the strangest of ways.
When you resolve to heal, all of nature conspires to begin your healing
It is all in the allowance, in the permissions that you give yourself to let go of your inhibitions and hesitations that stalled your healing in the first place.
As you permit your self to move beyond your limitations that you set on yourself, you begin to see the changes manifesting in and around your body, mind ,spirit and in your life!

All things move freely and you flow through…people appear who are meant to help you heal , So give in and allow your self to be all that you truly are .
You are a divine manifestation of consciousness. Remember that and all is well!

Savvy Raj

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Word of the Day Challenge

The Word of the Day is Wondering.

Write a Poem, story or anecdote, inspired by this word.

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Most Importantly, Have Fun.

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Dripping secrets

Siren Whispers

img_4850Midnight blue ink

an extension of her soul

dripping secrets

from her fingers

her pen spoke louder

than her voice

with a whisper he moved


to hear, her sweet accent


within the chambers of his heart

with words

that gave voice

to unspoken desires


in simple things

he found the key

to unlock 

what had been imprisoned

within his soul


Copyright ©SirenSong1208

All rights reserved

Photograph taken from Pinterest, unsourced.

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Seeing Dawn

Heartstring Eulogies

“Love found me in ways I never imagined.
Like seeing dawn for the first time.”

After all this time, I still find it hard to grasp the love I’ve received. Not when I was a child, though there were many that loved me as I was, without question. It’s interesting how the darkest moments overpowered all that good. How it ruined my entire outlook on life. But as I grew up and distanced myself from that darkness, love found me in ways I never thought possible. It was like seeing dawn for the first time. Feeling hope for the first time. Though my past lives in shadows, I am of both worlds now. Darkness and light. Hope and sorrow. I can appreciate how beautiful life can be after so much pain.

© Sarah Doughty

I am of both worlds now.

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