Messages Making Their Way – Keep Writing

Steps In Between

perseverance daisy

Recurring messages have perfect timing. It may not feel like it when we’re flat on our faces, but they do know when to nudge. Growing up with parents who persevered to achieve everything their hearts desired, it’s probably in my bones not to give up. It’s the stubborn side of me that causes the long winding path that eventually gets me there.

And, it’s hard work.

And, it doesn’t always feel good.

And, it takes a long time.



I’ve put off dream after dream, just to chase them back down. And, it’s happened again. As I’ve shared before, I’m rewriting my novel, Seam Keepers. This story started as a challenge in 2014. Write a book in a month, don’t look back, don’t edit, don’t judge yourself, just write. So, that’s what I did. However, it took longer than a month, more like eight months. But it was done.


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