The Other Side

Heartstring Eulogies

“From this life, and into the beyond,
I will always be with you.”

In this mourning, I feel the ache that you’ve left in your wake. Your scent lingers in the places you spent your time. Beside me, the pillow that has remained untouched since your loss. In your favorite seat, as you read by the firelight in the hearth. In my memories, where everything was infinite. The possibilities were filled with hope and love. As the years passed us by, I began to believe you weren’t just a mirage, or some temporary reprieve. I knew you were mine, as I was yours. And though you’re gone, this house is no longer home. It is a place filled with the ghosts of our past. It is a place filled with happier times. And my heart will forever be empty without you by my side.

But I take solace in one…

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