Kick-Ass Kreators Create – Part 3

But I Smile Anyway...

As you may, or may not, know, I set up an online accountability group on Facebook.

Have you joined? Clickhere!

The intention is to give a little motivation each day and have opportunities to share our ups and downs with each other.

A suggestion was made that we could do something like a collective creation within the group, and so Just One Line was born!

The third challenge went out on Friday, and here is the little story that came out of it!

getting closer to the house, Sarah realised it wasn’t the warm glow of the
lights, but flames licking through her home.

She smiled and relaxed; at last Derek had started decorating the living room with Dulux’s vibrant ‘post-apocalypse’ emulsion that promised ‘Armageddon from your armchair’

It had been a mistake to help out her friend’s daughter with her new online interior design business; now…

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