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Only on turning


Only in turning
can I see the behind
and the years that have now passed me by
Shielding my eyes
I look to the past
and the distance in which they now lie

It is a good view
and I like what I find
but with short swivel forward I see
As only on turning
can I see what’s ahead
and the years that lie waiting for me


Photo – Jempics

[I started the ‘Jemverse‘ blog five years ago. Since then, I’ve published 1,750 poems which have had 3,182 trackbacks and 242,599 likes. So, with a massive thank you to my 3,521 worldwide followers, here’s to the next five years and beyond!]

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Speak Up – #poetry #FebruaryWriting

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

What’s that you say, my friend?

You’ll have to come closer, I fear

Something is wrong with my hearing

I seemed to have misplaced my ear

Always happens around this time

Humans have a hankering for me

They buy me, to put into a basket

Wrap me in foil, swell, now I can’t see

Oh, but I know, what’s coming my way

First it’s one ear and then the other

Maybe they’ll forget about me, for today

Oops, there goes the rest of my brother!

February Writing Prompts – Hold your hankering horses – Day 16/28

©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0

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Silence – a lost art • Nightingale & Sparrow

“Silence – a lost art” Megha Sood Silence is neatly tucked between the layered wings of the soaring eagle the shifting angle of his wings holds the distance between the spoken and the untold Silence has its own semantics the lexicon of the unspoken I can carry the debilitating pain in my marred soul for eons before you see the tears trickling from my eyes Silence, a deep soliloquy with time you press ears to the throbbing heart else would […]

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