First Kiss

Roth Poetry


He was tall with brylcreemed hair
Sixteen // a new driver’s license
She was petite // a spring flower
Fourteen // hormones tingling
Her cute irresistible smile drew him.
In the shadows of the church hallway
A first kiss // never to be forgotten
…Though so long ago

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so today De asked us to write a Quadrille of 44 words that included a reference to a kiss. I wrote this one in memory of my first kiss!

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At War

Sarah Doughty

“If you’re at war, then I’m there
fighting by your side.”

If you’re at war
with yourself,
then I’m there.
Fighting by your side.
To change your mind.
I will be there to
change your mind
and remind you
every minute of every day
just how wonderful you are.

Because you are so much more than a parent, a spouse, and a friend. You are more than any label you’ve ever given yourself. You. You give people hope. We see the fire in your eyes. We see that spark when you fight back against everything that has ever hurt you. You are not at war with yourself.

© Sarah Doughty

I will change your mind.

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Where I Stand

Padre's Ramblings

imageedit_6_8437876235 (1).jpg Robin and John, Sherwood Forest

This is my place,

Where I’ll make my stand,

To hold my ground,

Defend my land.

This little place,

I call my own,

You shall not possess it,

It’s mine alone.

How many have stood,

At such a place of impasse,

Treating friends as foes,

Allowing none in – or to pass?

Like Robin and John,

Neither willing to retreat,

But an alliance was born,

When Rob admitted defeat.

Here now I then stand,

Better together than alone,

Stronger and firmer,

For the friendships I’ve sown.


OFMARIAANTONIA Photo Challenge: Where I Stand

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